I believe in capturing the most genuine and raw moments of you two



Although these stories are all about the lovers and the places I really believe in a connection is needed when telling a story.

It’s important to me to photograph from the outside in to bring you to that moments back  when you watch the photos in 20 years.

I love to travel because it makes me open my eyes wider and be able to thrive. To see the world with a different perspective and be able to capture genuine, raw moments of people and places.

I love to drink coffee in my favourite coffee shop but I love more to drink it accompanied with someone else and share stories and plan trips to places I’ve never been.

I believe in the importance of family and friends and I try to enjoy as much as possible of them.


I want to get close and immerse in your happiness and joy. That makes it possible to tell your story in the most genuine & authentic way.

pareja boho chic en la playa preboda




















I am not afraid of heights and until now this job took me to amazing places all around Spain, Transilvania, Miami, Atlanta and I have an amazing travel list for this upcoming 2018 season so if you are getting married outside of Madrid text me with your best location and let’s make it happen !

Feel free to send me a message and ask me anything!