From Jake + Genessa, Sept 4th, 2019.

If you’re in the frenzy of planning your wedding (or elopement), you’re probably asking yourself, “how do we choose our wedding photographer?”

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In this post, we’re going to give you all the insider points. You’re getting the honest and brutal advice… and we’re not us asking you to hire us. We always tell people that they’re not trying to find the best photographer, they’re trying to find the right photographer. However, not every wedding photographer is the right photographer for you. The truth is, there are thousands of talented and kind artists out there who do amazing work, and would love to shoot your wedding. But just because they have nice photos or the cheapest rates shouldn’t be why you hire them

The first thing to do choose your elopement photographer or wedding photographer, is search the location of your elopement/wedding. Make sure if you’re eloping to a destination, to check out “*your destination* Elopement Photographers” on Instagram, or google it. Because that way, you’ll find photographers in the area and who are familiar with it.

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This Wedding Photographer Checklist

If you can confidently answer these questions with “YES!!”, then whoever your photographer is, they are a good fit for you!

  • Are you in LOVE with their work? Check out blogs they’ve written, their Instagram, etc. This includes their editing style— if you’re not sold on how they edit their photos, we say find someone else! You won’t regret it when you receive your wedding photos back and fall in love all over again.
  • Do you get along really well? Get on the phone with them and actually talk to them. Do you feel like you have a shared vision? In the end, it’s more about relationship than about business. It’s your wedding day, not a transaction! It’s super important to know who they are and what they stand for.
  • Do you trust them? This is probably going to be the best day of your life (or one of them). Do you trust that your photographer knows the ins-and-outs of their job, and how to do it professionally? If you feel like you need to give out pointers, it’s a sign that you don’t fully trust them. That means you guys aren’t the best fit.


For reading this! We truly hope it’s been helpful for you as you plan your wedding day. We’re so happy you stopped by! If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

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