I am passionate about weddings and people in love. Every story is different and I am honored to be part of your story!

Hello, friend!

This is me, the heart behind the lens. Behind each and every word written on this website, behind every photograph taken, email responded and phone call. I have a passion for weddings and people who found that person who made them not wanting to be alone again.

When I first picked up a camera I was just enjoying taking pictures. No rules, just doing what I wanted and that only changed to a better. In the last few years I met amazing humans, traveled with them to exotic places for me and became friends because photography is more than just a camera for me.

It’s the heritage that you leave to your children. Photographs will answer to questions like who were you, what you did, how you celebrated the most beautiful moments in your life so that’s why I believe it’s very important in our lives.

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