Putting so much heart as Tania and Rodrigo put on organizing their own rustic outdoor wedding in Morillo de Tou, Huesca didn’t go unnoticed. It is the location they choose for this rustic outdoor wedding in the  Pyrenees mountains or starting the party with family and friends on a friday evening and making it last until sunday with a pool party?

For sure there was a good energy and everyone could feel it. They are some special persons and above all they wanted their wedding to be much bigger than just a traditional wedding. They wanted their people to have fun and to enjoy themselves.

I think they succeeded and these photos are here to witness all the good moments and the authenticity of the weekend wedding.

Hope you like rustic outdoor wedding s as much as I do and you like the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Wedding venue:  Morillo de Tou, Huesca

Brides Bouquet: heritage from Tania’s grandmother

Brides bouquet: Sonia Fernandez

DJs: Pinchanova, DJ Fly, Sr Varez, DJ ohn, The Tili Brothers

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