Jan and Sabrina had planned a trip to Mykonos, Greece, for a much-needed holiday. They had been dating for a while and it was about time they had a vacation, for just the two of them. I’ve (Jake) been there before, and I totally understand why they picked Mykonos as their destination– it’s absolutely as breathtaking in person as it is in all the photos you see!

Their story is actually kinda cute! They grew up in Switzerland a couple houses down the road from each other, so their relationship has spanned pretty much their whole lives. How amazing is that? They can actually say “I don’t know what my life would be like without you!”.

The planning was going well on their end, planning things to do, places to see, etc. What Sabrina didn’t know, however, was that Jan was also planning to propose to her during their vacation! He kept it a pretty good secret… as you’ll see later! So when Jan contacted me about a surprise proposal, and I immediately said “yes!” and couldn’t keep the smile off my face as we started planning the perfect proposal.

When the day came, everything was going well. As far as Sabrina new, we were just taking normal couple photos. We took some amazing photos at a white lighthouse, on the rocks, and with beautiful Mykonos in the background. The time to pop the question was slowly approaching, and I could tell Jan was nervous. BUT as soon as he went down on his knee, it played out perfectly, and Sabrina’s reaction was to die for!