Luke and Sarah’s marriage started with a Miami Wedding at the Coral Gables Country Club in Florida, but there is much more than that!

They met a few years ago in Madrid, at a coffee shop where they shared a donut without knowing they will share life a few years later.  Their engagement in Madrid a few months ago was all about the Royal Palace of Madrid, donuts but for more details go and read the blog post! Now it’s time for a really interesting story because you don’t meet the love of your life +4,000 miles away from your home. Luke, who is a genius tech guy and Sara who loves all pinky and fancy things make a great match… and boy, I can tell you that Miami, Illinois and Spain are way too far from each other but when Love strikes, nothing can stay in between.

Just take a look at how they celebrated their wedding day at Coral Gables Country Club and you’ll know what I am talking about!


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