Now that you’ve booked your photoshoot, you need to think about what you guys need to prepare for the shoot!

There is a TON of prep that goes into the shoot on the our end, but there are a few things YOU can actually do to make the photoshoot easy and fluid.


The key is just to be comfortable! Some things that have helped me in the past with getting our photos taken are:

  • Wearing something that you’re comfortable wearing— if you hate wearing dresses, you don’t have to wear one! Wear what you feel beautiful and totally YOU in. This goes for guys too! What you wear has a huge effect on how you feel, and the photos are going to capture how you feel.
  • Make sure you match with colours that go together. Neutrals are always a good idea. Or, stick to one or two different colours— the more colours, the more distracting it can be. Often, if the guy wears neutrals (white, black, grey, or browns), the girl can easily wear a colourful dress or something that pops, and it looks amazing. Also, try to stay away from patterns that might clash.
  • Feel free to bring a change of clothes for a different look! One outfit can be fancier and more elegant, and the other can be a casual kind of feel— or do whatever you want! it adds more dynamic to the shoot and you get more diversity.


Start by taking into consideration the weather and the location of your photoshoot.

  • If it’s on a beach, bring an extra pair of sandals and maybe a pair of clothes to change into afterwards.
  • If you think it might be raining, bring an umbrella (those can make for good photos too!).
  • We will probably bring props and stuff to work with as well, but if you have a cool prop that you’d like to use, bring it along! We’ve had couples bring blankets, guitars, hats, and other cute things like these. 
  • Also! Don’t worry about bringing water on a hot day— we got you covered!!


A lot of people get nervous and/or feel like they’re going to be awkward in front of the camera. And, we actually get it! The first time we were the ones on the other side of the camera we were like, “this feels so weird!” We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so we’ll give you a little bit of what to expect on your shoot!

  • We won’t make you “pose” the entire time. Instead, we like to give you ideas like “pick her up and spin her”, or “hold hands and start walking that way” to give you some sort of direction. Even if you don’t feel like you’re comfortable in front of the camera, if you’re comfortable with each other, that’s all that matters. You don’t need to come up with poses, or what will look best with the lighting, that’s what we do best!

  • We give you space to do your own thing. We’re there to capture what your relationship looks like— some of the most precious moments we’ve captured are ones where we didn’t give any instruction but just let you guys do what you feel like doing! A surprise kiss on the cheek, random hug, a spin, or a game of tag are all things you can try to keep the session fun and exciting.

  • Our sessions are usually very laid back. We take photos of the whole time we have together— the experience— so we’re not constrained by a time-slot. That’s why we don’t ask to be paid by hour. We have one set price for the whole time we’re together, whether that’s an hour, or 3.

  • Almost always, you’ll get both of us (Jake and I) taking photos at the same time. We like it because 1) you get more photos, and 2) you get different angles and perspectives. Sometimes Jake will pull out his drone and get some aerial shots (or behind-the-scenes) while I’m still taking photos. But, we will make sure to tell you where to look if we want you both looking at the same camera!


For reading this! We truly hope it’s been helpful for you as you prepare for your photoshoot with us. We’re so excited for our time together— if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us.

See you guys soon!

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