Meet Leana and Julien.


Jake and I met them in downtown Madrid for our photoshoot at the Royal Palace for our photoshoot. My first impression was: 1) wow they’re tall. If you know me, I’m 5’2” so almost everyone is “tall” to me. But they were actually tall! And 2) they actually seem PERFECT for each other.

As we walked around to find some nice places to take engagement photos, we got to know them a bit. They both love basketball, he plays professionally and she’s a writer.

They shared that for a long time, their relationship has actually been long-distance. It’s only been recently that they’ve settled down together in Madrid. Both Jake and I thought it was perfect for after such a long time apart to get a couple photos of them. We were so glad they picked us to be their photographers. Together at last, and happy that way! It reminded us of our relationship, because we also had to do long-distance for 6 months, too.

It was cloudy all day, but just as the sun was about to set, the clouds moved away and the sun gave us some creamy, glorious light to work with! These photos are definitely my favourite, because of the plants in the background. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below, because we love to know what our readers think!

The Location:

Note on the location: after doing this engagement session, we totally recommend the Royal Palace in Madrid for taking photos at! There are tons of cool locations nearby so it makes it easy for you to get a lot of diverse looks. If anyone visits Madrid, we say the Royal Palace as a must-see!

These photos mark the beginning of a new and beautiful chapter, guys, so thank you guys for letting us be a part of your story!

Lots of love, Jake + Genessa

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