Meet Jun and Mika.


I (Jake) met Jun and Mika in Madrid a couple years ago in Madrid, and we became friends quickly. I knew they had a special connection, so I wanted to be able to capture it for them. Mika is a film producer and Jun is a photographer, so as you can imagine, they work together and compliment each other super well.

Because I didn’t get the chance to ask them to take photos the first time we met, I was bummed. They were leaving Spain but a while, and I didn’t know if I’d get the chance again. But the opportunity came a couple weeks later. Right before they moved to L.A., they asked to have some photos of them in a place they’ve grown to love. The Tabernas Desert, at sunset. We thought it was the perfect location for something unique, because the desert offers a perspective you don’t see every day.

So it was a blast! ‘Cause what we do for work is so similar, we were bouncing ideas off each other, and coming up with a bunch of cool positions/angles. Working with a couple that’s down to try different ideas and laugh along the way makes our job easy! We love when we get couples like this and it definitely shows in the photos!

A Kinda Crazy Coincidence

You’re not going to believe it, but there’s a crazy coincidence here! How I actually met Genessa was through Jun and Mika! I was working with them on a film this time last year, and Genessa was asked to help on set as well! Now, because of them, we share this friendship together as a special part of OUR story too!!

About the Desert

Also, I would 100% go back to the Tabernas Desert for an engagement shoot, because the experience we had was so unforgettable. These photos are still some of our very favourite! Maybe it’s because we have a sentimental connection to them, but I still think they’re pretty neat.

Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve been to the Tabernas Desert, and tell us about your experience!

Because these photos mark the beginning of a new chapter for the both of us, we can’t cherish them enough. And that’s the whole reason why we take photos, not only so that the memories last, but also so that we can celebrate times in our lives that are meaningful to us.

Thank you guys for letting us be a part of your story, and also for allowing us to meet!

Lots of love, Jake + Genessa

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