I am constantly traveling to places I’ve never been and traveling is one of the best things along with getting to know amazing humans around the world so if you’re planning your engagement, wedding or just want to look nice in the photos get in touch!

I might be near your city or state at some point so fill up the contact form and let’s start planning !


These are some of the places I will be at in 2018

( get in touch to add more cities )

January 2018 

Zaragoza, Spain

February 2018

Porto, Portugal

March 2018

London, UK ||  Barcelona, Spain || Miami, FL

April 2018

Miami, FL || Detroit, Mi || Windsor, ON || NYC

May 2018

Budapest, Hungary || Transylvania || Algarve, Portugal

June 2018

Cologne, Germany || Mykonos, Greece || NYC

July 2018

Venice, Italy

August 2018

London, UK || Budapest, Hungary || Transylvania

October 2018









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